NON contact gauging system

OPTYMEX NON-CONTACT gauging system based on NIR reflex technology for blown film. OPTYMEX provides a continuous measuring of material thickness. Installed on an oscillating system which rotates around the bubble, OPTIMEX is capable of providing accurate profile readings independent of the haul-off or die head oscillating speed.

The sensor is used to measure the total thickness of transparent or semi-transparent materials where the optical intensity index of these materials is sufficient to emit an interference signal.
Besides the above-mentioned materials, in certain cases, could be possible to measure non transparent materials.
Thank to its modular architecture, OPTYMEX is simple and practical to use for the operators through a touch screen control panel where all the information is displayed in a clear and intuitive way.


Represents the latest measuring solution available on the market to optically measure the thickness of a sample with a complex structure. Layers of different material generate an optical reflection due to the difference of the refractive index. Optical Head collects all the reflections that are mixed together with embedded optics.
The resulting optical signal will contain information about the position of each reflection.
The processing of the optical signals allows the reconstruction of an A-scan profile (Intensity of reflection vs. Position).
The analysis of the A-Scan allows extraction of information about the individual layers.