Crystallize To Melt (CTM)

Hot-air crystallizers

Hot-air units CRYSTALLIZE TO MELT (CTM) for crystallization of amorphous polymers and biopolymers (A-PET, R-PET, PLA, etc…)

The crystallizers of the CTM series consist of a temperature-controlled air generator and a mixing hopper where the amorphous or semi-crystalline PET is stored. The air used for crystallization is optimized in terms of temperature, flow rate and pressure, factors which guarantee the efficient extraction of ethylene glycol (EG), a compound that PET releases together with water during the transition from amorphous to crystalline stat . The hoppers, on the other hand, are equipped with a slow mixing reel which, in the glass transition phase, keeps the granules or regrinds separate, preventing them from solidifying into a single block during the PET crystallization process.