Syncro Group, the holding company involving six market-leading companies, was founded 16 years ago and today stands as a robust entity with 6 production sites in Italy, as well as in the USA, India, Brazil, and China. It boasts a direct presence in more than 50 countries, providing technical and commercial support.
The Group consists of six complementary companies, each contributing equally to every automation project for plastics production lines with technologically advanced machinery aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability.
All six entities synergize to close the loop of the Circular Economy.
Syncro has been an industry benchmark since 2007, by offering a wide range of auxiliary machinery for plastic extrusion lines.
Plantech-CST is specialized in storage, conveying and dosing of powders for several industries. It provides a complete range of products to fulfill automation needs with technologically advanced machinery tailored to customers’ requirements.
Plasmac, a company belonging to Syncro Group, is focused on producing in-line and off-line machinery for industrial waste recovery. A global leader in plastics recycling, it pursues a circular economy-oriented mission to optimize production and minimize material and energy waste.
AceLabs designs and manufactures automated systems and quality control solutions for industries, by employing machine vision technologies to provide Syncro Group’s customers with comprehensive solutions, which are compliant with the major automation standards.
EUREXMA researches, customizes and manufactures laboratory and pilot lines, by providing an advantageous solution for companies, research institutes and universities seeking to develop multilayer film formulations at reduced costs and consumption.
SBDRY provides various solutions for raw material processing and technologies aimed at eliminating post-industrial waste.
With the addition of the last three companies, which joined the Group in 2022, the “Zero Waste Mission” aimed at minimizing energy and material consumption to the extent of labelling its products as “Planet Approved” is accomplished.
In 2023, the blender, a historical company product, was recontextualized into the IoT of innovation and technology of the near future. Consequently, a new division of Plantech-CST, CACCIAMYX, was born; it was designed for process mixing solutions, which, when combined with Plantech-CST’s integrated vertical systems, can ensure simple, safe and high-quality performance of the entire dry blend preparation process.
Syncro Group is a growing company with a clear mission, believing that every small gesture contributes to a sustainable future for generations to come.