Continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric blender

SYBLEND is a continuous loss in weight gravimetric blender designed to blend multiple components simultaneously, ideal for different production processes where homogeneity of the blend is critical to achieve quality products.
SYBLEND also meets the high industry standards required of extrusion multi layers structures and in the textile industries for the BCF, FDY and POY processes. Each hopper and material weight is controlled by two off-centre load cells.

All components are continuously and simultaneously metered directly into the integrated weigh hopper through a cascade mixer.
The weight of the material metered in the hopper is constantly measured in order to detect the level variations due to changes in the extruder throughput or a discrepancy between the component feeder and the extruder throughput.
The feeders are individually controlled in order to reach and maintain the preset metering ratios and to maintain a constant level in the collection hopper.