IBC control System

SYIBC is SYNCRO’s full IBC control system designed to manage and control several components in the Blown Film line for set up and control of the lay flat of the film, the system can be installed standalone or fully integrated.
SYIBC guarantees to maintain the width set point of the film, controlling the blowers ratio, valve and bubble cage.

Syibc is connected to 4 Ultrasonic Sensors located on the Bubble Cage Arms to manage the gap set up and 4 Ultrasonic Sensors located on the top part of the Bubble Cage to measure and manage the lay flat width.
In order to maintain the gap set up, Syibc controls both the IBC blower inverters and IBC valve, modifying blower RPM and IBC valve position.
When equipped with the LAY FLAT CONTROL OPTION, Syibc also controls the Bubble Cage diameter.