Wheel To Dry

Honey Comb Rotor Dehumidifier

WHEEL TO DRY is an high-performance dehumidifier, very useful for a correct handling of plastic materials. The Wheel to Dry series is a powerful tool for a proper dehumidification of plastic materials and, consequently, an increase in quality of the final products; and an optimisation of energy costs.

Air goes through the desiccant rotor, and releases the moisture extracted from the material in the hopper. The part of the rotor saturated by water is regenerated with hot air; this air, once humid, is then exhausted . Finally, once regenerated, the section of the rotor is cooled down and then ready to absorb again humidity from plastic materials. The possibility to reduce the airflow from 100 to 40% and the Dew Point from -40°C to 0°C is an huge “advantage” in the plastic industry.