Syncro Group – new joint venture with Mical company in Brazil

Syncro Group strengthens his presence in the South American continent with its new joint venture with “Mical” company in Brazil.

The overseas operating team strengthens to provide its customers with a flawless sales and assistance service.

Made up by Andrea Stoppa, Business Developer of SYNCRO, Oscar Rocha, the first person to introduce Syncro Group in South America, Marcelo Rojo, who from Syncro Chile provides a top-level Customer Service across South America and Edvaldo Rocha, Managing Director of Mical, who has entered the Syncro Family recently and is from today Technical Director of Syncro do Brasil.

Edvaldo Rocha has been working in the world of extrusion in Brazil for years and has a deep knowledge of the technologies related to the flexible film production.

This powerful Team is entering Brazil loudly to bring a breath of innovation and cutting-edge services offered, followed with care and according to the high standards from “Syncro do Brasil”.

The wide range of products offered by Syncro do Brasil is the full package that Syncro can offer worldwide:

  • automatic cooling air rings of latest generation and related measurement and profile control systems
  • volumetric, batch and/or weight loss gravimetric dosing systems for raw materials
  • optical defect detection systems
  • laboratory and pilot plants
  • complex systems for raw material management in the compounding, recycling e PVC field
  • dehumidification and crystallization System

A development which brings Syncro Group once again inside the Brazilian Market with cutting-edge and competitive solutions for all South American OEMs and end-users.

Thanks to this cohesive group, with large market and industry expertise and knowledge, Syncro do Brasil can now ensure a tailor-made service for a Customer Care which guarantees a unique after-sales service.

SYNCRO is carrying on this ambitious project to become a leading supplier across South America.

Sustainability, Zero Waste Myssion and maximum customer closeness will be the key-concepts for the operations inside a market where Circular Economy is setting new production standards.