Syncro Group is the holding created to give life to a circular synergy to support businesses in the plastic industry to maximize productivity, minimize waste and reduce energy consumptions.

Syncro is a top player and a landmark in the automation for plastic extrusion industry. From Syncro’s partnership with MAGUIRE, market leader worldwide in manufacturing auxiliary equipment dedicated to the plastic material handling industry, was born MAGUIRE+SYNCRO, a fruitful cooperation to expand each products range and push ongoing technological developments.

Plasmac is the group’s company which manufactures online and offline machinery for industrial waste recycling. Erema Group, worldwide leader manufacturer of machinery for recycling has purchased 60% of Plasmac with the intent to strengthen its Circular Economy mission in maximising productivity, waste minimization and reduce energy footprint.

PLANTECH-CST is specialized in storage, handling and dosing of powders, granules and liquid materials engineered for applications across several industries such as plastic, chemical, food industry, cement and pharmaceutical. Plantech-CST is the only Italian company to offer a wide range of products which covers the requirement of automation with its technological advanced machinery and bespoken solution to match customer’s needs.