Syncro Group is the holding company created to give life to a circular synergy to support businesses in the plastic industry to maximize productivity, minimize waste and reduce energy consumptions.

SYNCRO is a pioneer and market leader in automation for the plastic extrusion industry. From Syncro’s partnership with MAGUIRE, market leader worldwide in manufacturing auxiliary equipment dedicated to the plastic material handling industry, was born MAGUIRE+SYNCRO, a fruitful cooperation to expand each products range and push ongoing technological developments.

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Plasmac is the Recycling Division of the Group, manufacturing inline and offline repelletising machinery for industrial waste applications. Erema Group, the worldwide leading manufacturer of machinery for recycling applications has purchased a 60% share of Plasmac with the intent to strengthen its market position and realise its goal of a true Circular Economy vision allowing its customers to in maximise productivity, minimize waste and reduce their energy footprint.

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PLANTECH-CST is specialized in the supply of equipment for the storage, handling and dosing of powders, granules and liquid materials for applications across several industries such as plastic, chemical, the food industry, cement and pharmaceutical. Plantech-CST is the only Italian company able to offer such a wide range of products allowing for the automation of its customers processes along with technological advanced machinery and bespoken solutions to match its customer’s needs.

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The Maguire+Syncro brand builds on the desire to integrate the Maguire and Syncro products seamlessly. This partnership allow processors to easily upgrade their lines cost effectively and allows them to maximise savings and control of their raw materials in production. MAGUIRE is a market leader for materials handling equipment for the plastics industry with thousands of systems installed worldwide for gravimetric blending, dosing and extrusion control, supported via an extensive network of partners worlwide.

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Eurotech Extrusion Machinery Srl offers, since 1999, complete extrusion solutions and systems. Our customers are laboratories and R&D departments of companies specialized in production, manufacturing and processing of thermoplastic materials, including also complete lines for industrial production, keeping small/medium scale machines.
Application experience, engineering and design, knowledge of machines and processes, make Eur.Ex.Ma a reliable partner.

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SBDRY becomes part of the Syncro Group, thus enriching our portfolio of products branded “planet approved“. These technologies are aimed at eliminating post consumer and post industrial waste. SBDRY has over thirty years of experience and as a group have developed multiple and innovative technologies in the field of drying and crystallization for the recycling of post-consumer and post industrial waste.


AceLabs designs and manufactures automated systems and solutions for quality control for industry and based on artificial vision technologies.
AceLabs is able to create for the customer and the customer projects and innovative solutions, directly managing every stage of the process, from concept to final implementation. To date AceLabs computes different vision systems installed in different parts of the world to assurance customers that branded systems have proven completely AceLabs their quality and efficiency in the field.

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The Syncro Group was created with the idea and the ambition to provide new industry standards to the world of raw materials dedicated to the processes automation for plastic, food and the chemical industries.

Syncro Group has its own network of Group Offices and Sales Representatives present in over 50 countries providing technical and commercial support making us truly your global local Company.









Syncro Group is the holding company created to give life to a circular synergy of the companies which are part of it.
Syncro was established in 2007 and today is one of the Top Players and innovators in the automation of equipment for the plastic extrusion industry.
In recent years the Syncro family has grown both organically and by the acquisition of other companies.
Syncro, Plasmac and Plantech-cst are the companies which make up the Syncro Group and establish it as a worldwide leading Player

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The circular economy represents an alternative, more sustainable model to the traditional linear economy, a linear model follows the path of make, use, then dispose. In contrast, in a circular economy, we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their service life, in essence we use the three R’s REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. In practice, it implies reducing waste to a minimum, when a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible. These can be productively used again and again, thereby creating further value by giving the scrap material a secondary use in Life.

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