Omega, the ideal solution for your recycling needs

The companies of , Syncro, Plasmac, Plantech-CST, AceLabs, Eur.Ex.MA, SBDRY collaborate together through a unique synergy, with the aim of closing the circle of the Circular Economy, by recovering, regenerating and reintroducing, at the end of the cycle, all products and materials.

The theme of recycling, as well as being part of our “Zero Waste Myssion”, has become a protagonist throughout the world, especially in plastics.

In this article we will give you important news that cannot, must not and we do not want it to go unnoticed.

Looking to the past, but above all thinking of the future, Plasmac has decided to invest time and resources in order to be able to offer regranulators on stock.

Plasmac has put 10 Omegas into production, available within two/three weeks from the order placement, to allow companies to avoid wasting precious time and material, by recycling production surplus to turn it back into top-quality raw material and thus make it back into the production process.

This way it is possible to optimize raw material, energy consumption and protect the environment by saving money, time and resources.

Let’s take a detailed look at the composition of Omega: an extremely versatile machine that suits the customer’s needs.

Omega is equipped with an integrated shredding system designed to recycle waste from injection moulding, pipes, sheets and other extrusions. Its compact and controlled energy-saving design makes it the ideal solution for all internal recycling needs.

The shredder/extruder combination makes the Omega a very flexible machine, ideal for repelletizing off-spec reels, bales, bulk or starter material, injection-moulded parts, pipes, strips and monofilaments, sprues, foam, raffia and more.

The designs of the shredder, the special extrusion screw with SST (Short Screw Technology) and the feeding screw have been designed to minimize dust and heat, ensuring minimal degradation of the processed material during regeneration.

The feeding system, including stand-by function and fully automatic, can be made up of a conveyor belt with metal detector, a Roll Feed and a Trim Basket or a combination of all these accessories.

The Plasmac Omega, in all its sizes and configurations, guarantees the best ratio between kg produced and kW absorbed thanks to the minimum installed power, thus ensuring an estimated Return on Investment (ROI) between 6 and 9 months.

The economic benefits can also be measured on the basis of the number and time of resources employed in the operation and maintenance of the machine itself.

The operator intervention, for all Plasmac machines, has been conceived to be minimized due to their fully automatic operation and reduced routine maintenance.

Plasmac is offering the market a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Without participating in the supply race, delivery times have been drastically reduced.

Plasmac has the machines in stock for every environmentally friendly company, which is also attentive to all the economic aspects in the production chain!

Minimizing energy and raw material consumption are among the daily priorities of Syncro Group’s R&D Division, which is increasingly committed to achieving “Zero Waste Myssion”.

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