SYNCRO e ACELABS introducing the Winder-Embedded solution

SYNCROACELABS introduce the revolutionary EYES Web Inspection System for Blown Film Lines at NPE. Showcased at Macchi’s booth, W6570: the Winder-Embedded solution.

In the dynamic industry of blown film production, precision and efficiency are essential. The ability to inspect the quality of the film while it is being manufactured is crucial to ensure a steady output and minimize waste. However, the integration of traditional web inspection systems into the existing blown film lines has often presented challenges, ranging from space constraints to interference with operational processes.

The new layout of the Winder-Embedded EYES is a groundbreaking frame configuration that revolutionizes the integration of web inspection systems into blown film lines. This cutting-edge layout not only simplifies the installation process, but also offers several advantages that enhance both operational efficiency and product quality.

How does EYES work with the new layout?

The new layout of EYES employs an ingenious frame configuration incorporating the web inspection system into the Winder- Embedded solution. At the heart of this setup there is an intermediate bar equipped with a special reflecting mirror.

Key Advantages:

Enhanced Protection: One of the main advantages of the Winder-Embedded solution is the enhanced protection provided to the inspection cameras placed inside the mezzanine structure. The cameras are shielded from accidental impacts and environmental dust, ensuring reliable performance and long life.

Elimination of interference: traditional web inspection systems are susceptible to interference from operator’s movements and machine operations, which can lead to false detections and compromised quality control.

With the Winder-Embedded EYES, the optical path is completely isolated, to safeguard interference and ensure accurate inspections.

Unobtrusive Design: unlike conventional inspection systems, which often require bulky support structures, the Winder-Embedded solution offers a slim design that seamlessly integrates into the existing infrastructure of the blown film line, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

• Thanks to enhanced protection of inspection cameras, elimination of interference and a non-intrusive design, the new layout of the Winder-Embedded EYES sets a new standard for web inspection in the blown film industry, ensuring the highest standards of quality control.

You can find the new Winder-Embedded solution at Macchi’s booth W6570 at NPE 2024.






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