Discover the Future of Recycling: The ALPHA XS Air Cooling Recycling Extruder

SYNCRO GROUP USA is ready for NPE THE PLASTIC SHOW, to be held from 6th to 10th May at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the main event for plastics industry leaders worldwide.

PLASMAC, one of SYNCRO GROUP companies specialized in energy-efficient and cost-effective post-industrial waste recycling machines, arrives at the NPE in Orlando with its ALPHA XS

Designed with the unique needs of film producers in mind, the ALPHA XS Air Cooling Recycling Extruder is making waves in the recycling industry.

This innovative machine, utilizing PLASMAC‘s proprietary Short Screw Technology (SST), is tailored for operations with lower scrap production, boasting an impressive output of 45 Kg per hour.

The ALPHA XS is engineered to process edge trims coming directly to the trim basket, seamlessly integrating with the main extrusion plant. It offers a direct feed system that simplifies the recycling process by eliminating the need for preliminary size reduction, thus voiding dust emissions and enhancing overall efficiency.

Key to its performance is the SST (Shot Screw Technology), which ensures minimal shear, low melt temperatures, and reduced material degradation. This results in recycled pellets of the highest quality, comparable to virgin materials. Additionally, the machine’s direct extrusion design negates the need for other costly equipment, cutting down on maintenance costs and boosting productivity.

What sets the ALPHA XS apart is its compact design, which occupies less space than any other recycling machine on the market, allowing businesses to utilize their floor space for other operations. It is also highly energy efficient, offering the highest output per kW of installed power, making it a cost-effective solution for today’s eco-conscious market.

The ALPHA XS is not just a recycling machine; it’s a game changer. With its low operational costs and fast ROI, businesses can see paybacks in as little as six months, dramatically improving profitability.

Experience the future of film recycling with the AALPHA XS Air Cooling Recycling Extruder—a smarter way to recycle, designed for efficiency and superior performance.






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