SYNCRO GROUP is ready for SOLIDS PARMA, the trade fair for granules, powders and bulk solids technologies.


At SOLIDS PARMA, from 5th to 6th June, STAND D45 will host , the company belonging to SYNCRO GROUP specialized in storage, handling and dosing of powders, granules and liquid materials, designed for applications in different industrial sectors such as plastics, chemicals, food, cement and pharmaceuticals.


PLANTECH-CST will exhibit on the stand several technologically advanced products designed to meet customers’ automation needs:


  • C-MULTY, the multi-component dosing station, designed for installation on extruders and fully customizable according to the customer’s recipes.

The entire range of PLANTECH-CST dosing units can be installed on the C-MULTY frame to ensure constant and precise dosing of each single component; the C-DYNAMIX multi-component dosing and mixing station for solid and liquid products is installed on the stand.


  • C-VYBRO, suitable for dosing fragile, abrasive and flowing products, with vibrating channel. It will be on the stand in the 60-litre hopper version.


  • C-ONE-EC, suitable for dosing powders, granules, pellets, flakes and fibres, available in gravimetric or volumetric version and the C-TWYN-EC, the twin-screw and hopper-based dosing unit.


  • C-LAB-TWYN, ideal for laboratory lines where products need to be dosed continuously at low flow rates, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability.


  • MANUAL EMPTY BAG, the discharge station capable of handling bags of various sizes containing free-flowing and low-flowing products.


  • HOPPER LOADER, suitable for receiving loose or powdery materials, this equipment can be used in stand-alone or centralized conveying systems both in pressure and in vacuum. The wide range of sizes allows conveying from 10 kg/h up to 4000 kg/h.


PLANTECH-CST AWAITS YOU AT SOLIDS PARMA, HALL 8 BOOTH D45! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE TICKET SYNCRO GROUP is a leading supplier of automation for extrusion, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling lines, laboratory and pilot lines through the expertise of the companies SYNCROPLASMACPLANTECH-CSTACELABSEUR.EX.MA. and SB DRY.

SYNCRO GROUP  has 9 production plants as well as subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.