Highly successful installation of the BYTASCAN from Syncro

September has begun with the highly successful installation of the BYTASCAN from Syncro Measurement System line.

The installation took place at a major multinational company that produces adhesive tapes.

The BYTASCAN was installed at one of its factories in Italy because the automatically controlled thickness measurement system for adhesive tape production needed an additional high-precision quality control to improve production and quality efficiency. This is why the company wanted the latest next-generation scanner from SYNCRO to be integrated with other control and supervision products from SYNCRO and ACELABS

The use of the radioisotope gauge proved to be the ideal solution for measuring the thickness of products with a strong mineral component, such as in this case products with adhesives, which are not easily measured with other technologies.

Syncro BYTASCAN uses the principle of Beta ray transmission through the material to measure its weight, usually shown in g/m2.

HERE you will find detailed information and a data sheet of the new BYTASCAN.

The BYTASCAN was installed upstream of another SYNCRO product installed last year: the EYES 100% inspection system with industrial cameras.

Thanks to the marked flexibility of the EYES, a solution primarily designed for the inspection of plastic film, it was possible to install it on a finishing line without any hardware/software modification.

The detection of adhesive coating defects on extremely heterogeneous substrates such as those produced by the customer (various opaque and non-opaque plastic films, glass-fibre filled, non-woven, aluminium, copper, etc.) is possible by using one or more of the large number of algorithms implemented in the EYES software analysis process.

The algorithmic flexibility underlying the success of this system is greatly enhanced by the installation of three light sources operating simultaneously or alternatively to achieve the best result.

In particular, by using and modulating the intensity of two or three sources, the best contrast between substrate and adhesive can be achieved. By switching the light sources at high speed, it is possible to obtain distinct images of the same material from the same camera, as if two or three complete systems with distinct optical solutions were installed, but with considerable cost savings.

SYNCRO was founded in 2007 and today it is one of the top players in the world market of automation for plastic extrusion lines.

SYNCRO products stand out on the market for their performance level, which can be fully integrated into the company’ s MES and ERP systems dedicated to quality control.

SYNCRO product lines cover several categories such as:

  • batch and continuous dosing units
  • centralized conveying systems
  • automatic air-cooled rings
  • thickness control systems for bubble and cast lines
  • IBC control systems
  • annealing systems
  • wire and cable measuring and supervision systems.

Eco-sustainability is part of the design and logic behind each SYNCRO product, earning it the Planet Approved label.

SYNCRO moves through a unique synergy created with the other companies that make up SYNCROPLASMACPLANTECH-CSTACELABSEUR.EX.MA. and SB DRY, thus closing the circle of the Circular Economy and achieving Zero Waste Myssion, which is Syncro Group’s corporate mission to minimize the energy and raw material consumption.