The world’s top players in blown film extrusion have been demanding ever higher performances over time.

TYPHOON³, the single-mouth automatic cooling air ring designed by Syncro, is the most suitable product for their needs.

TYPHOON³ is suitable for all producers of monolayer, multilayer, barrier, agricultural and biodegradable film: an evolutionary step of the automatic cooling air ring, which is enough to justify its ambitious expression “CUBED”, that is to say raised to the cube.


The evolutionary step of the TYPHOON³ is characterized by:


– a drastic energy reduction

– an unrivalled bubble stability

– an increased cooling capacity

– a perfect uniformity of the thickness profile

– a significant reduction in raw material.


The functioning of Syncro‘ s automatic cooling ring TYPHOON³ is guaranteed by special patented internal aerodynamic turbulators, which allow to achieve simultaneously and for each flow regime, the following results:

– an optimized cooling air distribution along the circumference of the

regulating nozzles (Syncro’ s patented system)

– a homogeneous filling of the radial channels and regulating devices

– maximum efficiency by limiting pressure losses

– the elimination of condensate formation


– easy installation

– elevable lifting system

– easy access for maintenance

high-energy efficiency, guaranteed by a fully insulated machine body

made in resin and fibre.

– ROI in 6 to 9 months


Minimizing energy and raw material consumption are two key points that drive Syncro Group‘s R&D division, which is increasingly committed to achieving the so called “Zero Waste Myssion”.


All the companies belonging to Syncro Group, Syncro, Plasmac, Plantech-CST, AceLabs, Eur.Ex.MA and SBDRY collaborate together through a unique synergy, with the aim of closing the loop of the Circular Economy, recovering and regenerating all products and materials at the end of the cycle.


This important project has enabled all the products designed by Syncro Group, including the TYPHOON CUBED, to earn the ‘Planet Approved’ label.


HERE you can find both the details and the data sheet of the new cooling air ring TYPHOON³.


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