Don’t take the Stairs, take the Elevator to success!

In this article we are going to talk about one of the largest flexible packaging manufacturers and our automatic Air Ring Flyer with Elevator that made it possible to pass the dart drop test and have a perfect pouch.

Our OEM’s client is an exporters and suppliers in India with ultra-modern infrastructural units and highly skilled manpower and more than twenty-five-year history in providing world class quality products to its customers.

It received several certificates and awards for its quality and service too and, thanks to its technical savvy promoters exploring different options of the best European automation, industry 4.0, quality and high output for their 5-layer Blown film line, finally decided to rely on Syncro.

Syncro, to increase its production and minimize waste, provided for this 5-layer Blown film line:

  • gravimetric dosing units (EASYBATCH)
  • IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling) system
  • capacitive thickness measuring devices around the bubble (SKYMEX)
  • automatic air rings (FLYER) for a perfect control and adjustment of the thickness profile characterized by single air inlet, glass fiber chamber, dual-technology (flow and temperature control – patented Tech 2.0) thickness controllers and an elevator system to adjust the height of the air ring from the die to achieve a significant increase in hourly output and a mechanical performance of the film that would otherwise be unattainable.

With the best cooperation of the Indian OEM Rajoo, a successful open house was held at the end of last year.

With the line finally installed in their new premises and running at over 800 kg/h on a 550 mm die, this is a successful story for every stakeholder.

The automatic thickness control operated by the air ring allowed the thickness profile dispersion to be reduced by 75% of the original thickness dispersion before the automatic adjustment was started.

A further example of the superior performance of an elevating air ring is the production of a Milk Packaging Film or Pouch, subjected to Standard Test Methods for Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by the Free-Falling Dart Method (according to various national and international standards ASTM D1709, ISO 7765-1-1988, JIS K7124-1, GB/T 9639.1-2008).

Here we can watch the comparison between two cases of a sample of 27.7 µm film and 2180 mm lay flat produced at the same hourly output.

With a flyer air ring slightly raised from the extrusion die (about 180 mm) the Dart Drop Impact test failed; conversely, by lifting the flyer air ring to a height of about 300 mm from the die the same test was passed successfully.


We look forward to many other successful installations in 2023!


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