PVC Sheet line gauging system Quality Test Proof

SYNCRO provides European OEM an OptYscan gauging system for PVC sheet line in Asia. SYNCRO Srl has recently supplied an OptYscan gauging system to a European OEM specialized in bespoken plants for the extrusion of foils and sheets made of thermoplastic materials for one of their PVC sheets lines. The choice fell on OptYscan because […]

Aree Protette: dove i piccoli naturalisti crescono

Sabato si è presentato il manuale di educazione ambientale “Il Plesso Verde“. Gabriele Caccia, CEO del Gruppo Syncro, ha aderito a questo progetto in maniera entusiasta vedendo Plasmac, una società del gruppo, perfetta per questo scopo. Plasmac produce macchine per il riciclaggio delle materie plastiche trasformando gli scarti industriali in nuova materia prima per dare […]


This Textile Company was founded in 1994 starting with WEAVING and CONFECTION of terry towels and bathrobes. Nowadays has developed in a global supplier with its own embroidery house becoming a vertical integrated production facility. The Company has chosen SYNCRO MYblend dosing units to overcome the problem of colour discrepancy. Dosing variations are critical for […]

Raise the bar of your performances!

Be Smart Be Upgrade Raise the bar of your performances! Who shouldn’t miss out on this Upgrade Campaign? All companies which are working with SYNCRO’s dosing units, raw material conveying systems, gauging systems, Internal Bubble Cooling system or any other SYNCRO equipment running an HMI PP45 – PP65 and PC PP300 and PP500. Some of […]


AMAPLAST MEMBERS WORKING AT FULL CAPACITY, DESPITE CORONAVIRUS In consideration of the measures adopted by the Government with regard to the spread of Coronavirus, Amaplast-Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association underlines that to date its member companies have implemented all the actions required by legislation to protect the health and safety […]

Wire 2018

Syncro Group is the ideal partner for plastics processors and automation systems for extrusion lines SYncro philosophy is based on passion for innovation. Every project is surrounded by our values and our commitment to realize it. Our business card is our ability in having one solution for every need of our clients. Recently we enlarged […]


The circular economy represents an alternative, more sustainable model to the traditional linear economy. A linear model follows the path of make, use, then dispose. In contrast, in a circular economy, we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products […]