Shrink film packaging and production waste recycling: efficiency and sustainability

For an important Italian OEM, SYNCRO GROUP supplied auxiliary machinery for the extrusion line of a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal care and food products located in Surabaya, Indonesia. A centre of industrial excellence, the company is constantly innovating and with SYNCRO GROUP has recently implemented an advanced technology for the production of packaging for oil bottles, […]



RECYCLING OF STICKY, TECHNICAL AND HIGHLY STATICALLY CHARGED TRIMS HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! SUPATRIM is the simplest and most versatile system for feeding the recycling extruder with any type of trim and also suitable for high-speed lines. SUPATRIM is particularly suitable and designed for ‘difficult’ trims such as: sticky films Thin film high static charged […]

Paolo Gasparotto, comes back home in a new vest: Group Sales Director!

After two years venturing the North American market where Syncro Group USA is currently consolidating its new headquarters, Paolo Gasparotto, come back home in a new vest: Group Sales Director. In this new role he will secure all the 6 companies, complementary to each other, in the commitment towards the Zero Waste Myssion. Paolo says: […]

Pilot Blown K7 by EUREXMA!

Hi, I’m Luca Lepori, CEO of Eur.Ex.Ma! Eur.Ex.Ma is a company specialized in the manufacturing of extrusion lines for laboratory use. Today I will show you our brand new machine. It is a blown film line with 7 layers, whose name is Pilot Blown K7. The machine is the top level of our product portfolio […]

Newborn Caccia-Myx from Plantech-CST

Good morning everyone, here we are at Plast 2023 in Milan, presenting the newborn Caccia-Myx from Plantech-CST, the mixing division belonging to Syncro Group. Here we are presenting a new system for PVC dry blending and thanks to our huge experience, we are able to provide several solutions in the PVC, compounding, masterbatches, batteries and […]

Dyduster and Angel Hair’s Trap

Today we will talk about the advanced solutions patented by Syncro, starting with Dyduster. The Dyduster is a hopper loader equipped with an integrated de-dusting unit. Its main function is to continuously extract the powder from your plastic granules, ensuring a smooth production process. Imagine that you have your raw material, granules and a ready […]