Syncro Group is honored to introduce Mr. Per Benny Larsson

Today Syncro Group is honored to introduce Mr. Per Benny Larsson, our new Tyger that represents all Syncro Group in the whole Asia.
He has been working in the plastic industry for 43 years, since 1980; more specifically for 20 years in plastic production and for 23 years in service and sales department of plastic machinery.

Gabriele Caccia, President & CEO of Syncro Group, states “We are very happy to have Per as our resource. With his in-depth knowledge of the plastics market, we will definitely be able to improve by offering services and products that the current market is loudly demanding.”

Per Larsson, now Business Development Manager Asia of Syncro Group, adds: “Syncro Group has a wide portfolio of equipment that can take care of both plastic production and plastic waste recycling. It means that Syncro can support customers from the beginning to the end and, as Mr. Caccia always says: “We close the circle of the Circular Economy in name of the Company mission: The Zero Waste Myssion!

Syncro Group is a leading supplier of automation for extrusion lines, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling extrusion lines and pilot & lab technology through the Companies and brands SYNCRO, PLASMAC, PLANTECH-CST, ACELABS, EUREXMA and SBDRY, as well as 9 manufacturing plants and branches in USA, Brazil, Chile, China, HK, Bangkok, Japan and India.