Typhoon³, Zyroblock & Zyrowax

Today we’re going to focus on something very special. The New Typhoon3, our automatic air ring for blown-film lines, for which we have developed and introduced on the market, the capital of very nice and new features, both patented. Typhoon3 is able to increase both the standard output by 30% if compared to standard Air rings on the market and the profile control up to 75% guaranteed.

The first patent on the Typhoon3 is a turbulator put inside the chamber of the air ring turbulator, which is able to increase the cooling capacity, getting a better bubble stability and a better and higher output. On top of this, we do have a state of the art patent on the market. Therefore, instead of using simple stepping motors or simple heaters to control and improve profiles, we make a combination of the two and therefore we set the motors for the volume control of the air rings. We are able to increase and improve the profile up to 50%. Then we have the heaters, two heaters. With each of the stepper motors, we increase by another 50%, for a total of 75% improvement of our profile. On top of this, Typhoon3 is linked to the gauges systems of the Skymex series, with both contact and non-contact capacity; even in this case, we are introducing a new patent. A Triple telescope is able to guarantee better stability of the gauges systems, being a steady tangent on the bubble, so under both small and big pressure. The gauging is always towards the bubble and it is very, very stable. No issues on warranties. Obviously, the specialist safety is a key part of it.

Beside that, we are introducing a couple of other new solutions to make your Blown-film lines run better and better. Let’s start with the Zyroblock: it’s an additional calibration basket where we add cooling devices; while blowing the air, the last two sectors of the calibration basket cool the bubble down roundabout (we’re talking about between 10 and 12 degrees). What does this allow to do? If customers have issues with the height of the tower, we can lower the tower of the blown film lines of maybe one floor or getting a higher output with the standard height of a blown film line and other very interesting features.

Another machine we are introducing today in Milan is the Zyrowax. It’s a solution linked just underneath the air ring, between the die and the air ring: it is connected to a blower which actually sucks, by exhausting all the wax generated by the polymers. These are filtered in different sectors around the bubble and customers can regularly and simply change the filter and clean it.

These solutions can increase both your bubble stability and the quality of your film. How can you control this? There are a lot of different kinds of lab units, which control what your automatic Air ring is providing you. What we have been able to provide is something more: a lab unit, but in line.

The Skylab is directly connected to the control of the Air ring. Taking a sample of your reels, we are able to measure what is exactly on-line off-line too. Then the same system that controls the Skymex and the automatic air ring can control both the profile measured in-line and the profile measured off-line. What is the biggest advantage of this? if there are some differences on the two profiles, the system can analyze the process of checking, for example, of the pressures of the die, the recipes, the pressure of the extruders and so on.

This way it can give us some key points to be checked directly from the line to the operator. This is really the state of the art of our solutions on the market.