Newborn Caccia-Myx from Plantech-CST

Good morning everyone,

here we are at Plast 2023 in Milan, presenting the newborn Caccia-Myx from Plantech-CST, the mixing division belonging to Syncro Group.

Here we are presenting a new system for PVC dry blending and thanks to our huge experience, we are able to provide several solutions in the PVC, compounding, masterbatches, batteries and all the mixing devices. Don’t forget the synergy between Plantech-CST and Caccia-Myx, which makes us one of the unique companies in the world able to supply a turn key solution, starting from the storage, conveying system, material handling from bags, empty big bags and so on, up to the dosing and the filling system.

Therefore we can move, handle and convey the material, raw material and final product material.

We are here at Syncro Group. booth, waiting for you and hoping to see you soon or just be contacted for any further question.

Thank you!