Syncro Group  will be present from June 8th to June 14th in Milan for ITMA, the largest International Textile and Apparel Technology Fair, an opportunity for companies to present textile and apparel manufacturers the innovations aimed at transforming and growing their businesses.

At this edition of ITMA, Syncro Group  will present exclusively, one of the latest products of Syncro Family, thanks to the entry of SBDRY in 2022:

The DRY TO MELT integrated with CRYSTALLIZE TO MELT, an INTEGRATED crystallization and dehumidification system, which, unlike traditional systems, combines the processes of crystallization and dehumidification in one single step, with the following benefits:

– Reduced energy consumption

– Reduced overall floor space

– Lower maintenance costs

– Lower investment costs, resulting in a shorter ROI

The production of textile yarn in PET BCF, POY and FDY has some specific characteristics that make it different from other extrusion processes: the use of amorphous PET, with the so called “fiber grade” (IV 0 60 0 65 dl/gr) that requires a crystallization and dehumidification pretreatment and the use of additives and dyes that require the highest precision in dosing to ensure the consistency of the finished product (the yarn).

The material then goes through a crystallization phase, followed by a dehumidification phase and finally is mixed with color(s) and/or additives through a gravimetric dosing.

In traditional processes, two heat treatment steps require more energy consumption, footprint and maintenance costs and, in addition, gravimetric dosing is not integrated.

The solution proposed by Syncro Group  combines both the integrated system of DRY TO MELT and CRYSTALLIZE TO MELT with Myblend gravimetric blender, ensuring one single supervision of the entire extrusion process.

Syncro will exhibit the Myblend feeder, equipped with SmartDrayn automatic drainage system and the Dyduster, an automatic system that separates and removes powder from the granules feeding the feeders.

Eur.Ex.Ma with its Microex SP: a spinning laboratory line useful for creating continuous filament or Full Yarn samples in PP, PA or PET, which can be used to test different types of fibers.

Syncro Group allows to find in one Group all the advantages and experience of different specialists in the field, thanks to the synergy created between


See you at Fiera Milano HALL H1 STAND E121