WheeltoDry is a high-performance dehumidifier designed for proper handling of plastic materials

SYNCRO GROUP USA is ready for NPE THE PLASTIC SHOW, to be held from 6th to 10th May at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the main event for plastics industry leaders worldwide.

One of the SYNCRO GROUP‘s big new products that will be presented exclusively is the new product from SB DRY, the company with 30 years of experience in the field of dehumidification: the WheeltoDry, Honey Comb Rotor Dehumidifier.

The brand new WheeltoDry is a high-performance dehumidifier designed for proper handling of plastic materials.

WheeltoDry turns out to be a powerful tool for successful dehumidification of plastic materials, resulting in increased quality of the end product and optimized energy costs.

The operating principle of WheeltoDry, is based on three steps:

  • Air passes through the desiccant rotor and releases the moisture extracted from the material into the hopper.
  • The part of the rotor saturated with water is regenerated with hot air, this air, once wet, is then expelled.
  • Finally, once regenerated, the rotor section is cooled and then ready to absorb moisture from the plastic materials again. The thermal energy utilised during cooling is recuperated also, allowing an interesting energy saving

The ability to reduce the air flow by 100 to 40 percent and the dew point from -40°C to 0°C is a huge advantage in the plastics industry.

The innovative WheeltoDry dehumidifier has the following main features:

Compact and efficient: thanks to a design conceived to achieve a very small footprint, the filters are easily accessible, thus allowing quick and safe maintenance, a reduction in possible shutdowns, and a longer shelf life.

Flexibility: its flexibility allows for dew point adjustment between 0 and -40°, energy drying management (adjustment from 100% to 40%) with built-in PID control for heating accuracy of ±1°C.

High performance is thus ensured, thanks to the absence of cooling, with a significant decrease in energy.

Industry 4.0 IoT: Thanks to HMI control and integrated OPC-UA standard protocol the machine can be easily connected to an ERP MES System running in “Industry 4.0”

WheeltoDry Honey Comb Rotor Dehumidifier, comes in different models according to requirements:

  • Built-in Dew Point Supplementary Monitor
  • Energy Drying Management System (Adjustment from 100% down to 40%)
  • Multi-Hopper Version





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