Syncro Group is moving towards PLAST, one of the most important trade fairs for the plastics industry that will be held at Fiera Milano from 5th to 8th September.

For Syncro GroupPlast 2023 will be the opportunity to present the latest PLANET APPROVED products that have been always conceived in view of the ZERO WASTE MYSSION: reducing industrial waste, energy and raw material resources, while having a control on the total output.

PLASMAC, a leader in in-line and out-line grinding and granulating plants for post-industrial waste, will be present at the event with its mini ALPHA XS and OMEGA, both in operation.

Based on the continuous increasement of energy and raw material cost and the necessity of improving of IN-HOUSE recycling of post-production scrap, PLASMAC has developed the OMEGA series, with a capacity range from 120 to 250Kg/h, it is the perfect solution for producers of PE, PP, PC, PMMA, ABS, TPU, TPE and many others that need to recycle different forms of materials forgetting about prior size reduction and hardness of generated waste.

The OMEGA recycling extruder system, developed by PLASMAC, is revolutionizing the recycling industry combining a compact shredder with its unique Short Screw Technology (SST). This innovative system utilizes a dual diameter ratio screw to efficiently process waste materials and produce high-quality recycled pellets.
The principle of operation is simple yet effective. The waste material is fed into the slow rotating shredder through an elevator, rollfeed, or trimbasket. This system allows the feeding with every form of scrap material in a single and easy step. Plasmac’s screen design ensures minimal heat and dust, resulting in a higher quality pellet with minimal gels.

It is also possible to enjoy the view through PLASMAC TYGER’S CAMERA located inside the hopper and connected to the HMI with easy operational system and the possibility to store as many receipt as many materials are in the plant portfolio.

One of the main features of the OMEGA system is its minimal power consumption and highest output per kilowatt of installed power in the market. This not only reduces running costs but also offers a quick return on investment, with paybacks possible in as little as six months.
The slow rotating shredder technology and unique screen design eliminate the need for cooling water in the rotor or transfer system. This not only reduces maintenance and costs but also improves profitability. Furthermore, the OMEGA system has the smallest footprint among recycling machines available on the market, requiring minimal floor space and freeing up valuable space for other applications.
In addition to the main system, OMEGA offers a range of ancillaries to enhance its functionality. These include air or water cooled pelletisers, trim baskets for feeding inline trims, reel feeds for off-spec or scrap reels, elevators and metal detectors for conveying various types of scrap, screen changers for running offline products, vacuum degassing stations for running printed or hydroscopic materials, and a pellet detection system to identify any issues in the pelletiser.

Last but not least, PLASMAC has developed a gravimetric system for the real time calculation of the output which allows an automatic calculation of the actual production and relate it to the actual consumption adjusting the process automatically for the best efficiency.

Each OMEGA is equipped with remote connection system, complies with the requirements of Industry 4.0 and it is connected to PLASMAC HUB and TYGER CLOUD platforms. This game-changing innovation allows to the users to monitor the production process remotely, being able to manage it constantly at the best and staying connected for any eventual needs they may have from spare parts purchasing to remote assistance services.

Overall, the OMEGA recycling shredder extruder system is a comprehensive and efficient solution for recycling waste materials into high-quality pellets. Its unique features and ancillaries make it a cost-effective and profitable choice for businesses in the recycling industry.


Syncro Group makes it possible to find in one GROUP all the advantages and experience from different specialists in the field, thanks to the synergy created between the companies SYNCROPLASMACPLANTECH-CSTACELABSEUR.EX.MA. and SB DRY.

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