SYNCRO GROUP USA is ready for NPE THE PLASTIC SHOW, to be held from 6th to 10th May at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the main event for plastics industry leaders worldwide.

SYNCRO, which has been an industry benchmark in the sector since 2007, with an innovative range of auxiliary machinery for plastics extrusion lines, awaits you to show you its PLANET APPROVED products.

On the island completely dedicated to SYNCRO GROUP’s companies, in HALL A, BOOTH W580, SYNCRO will exhibit its line of GAUGING SYSTEMS and DOSING UNITS:

  • MYBATCH: is an innovative gravimetric gain-in-weight batch blender, designed to dose and blend several components in sequence, for all those processes where a constant feeding and a homogeneous mix is required.
  • As an option, MYBATCH can be supplied with the automatic draining system SMARTDRAYN.
  • MYBLEND: belonging to the family of continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric blenders, it is designed to dose and blend multiple components simultaneously and it is ideal for all those processes where it is essential to obtain a homogeneous blend.
  • MODYX: the continuous loss-in-weight blender designed to provide gravimetric feeding in extrusion, blow molding and injection processes.

THICKNESS GAUGING SYSTEMS: The range of thickness gauging systems available in SYNCRO can meet the specific needs of extrusion and coupling processes. On the stand, the following thickness gauging systems will be available:

  • RAYXSCAN: the easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain X-ray scanner using an X-RAY transmission installed in the body to measure material homogeneity and from which it can measure the thickness.
  • SONYCSCAN: the ultrasonic gauging system using the absorption measurement of an ultrasound signal to derive the film thickness, displayed in μm or g/m2.

Essential and extremely innovative products like those indicated here below won’t miss at the event:

  • SKYLAB: A laboratory machine for thickness gauging of the film taken from the freshly finished reel is now available at the edge of the line. The thickness profile taken from the film strip of the finished reel and that detected on the bubble in production are processed, compared and correlated by the same processor. Measurements formerly disjointed and now associated can provide in almost no time indications, checks, verifications and automatic procedures for identifying and correcting defects to guarantee the quality of the finished product.
  • DYDUSTER & EASYTRAP: SYNCRO hopper loaders develop new features such as dust separation and removal from the granule feeding the blender and the extruder, eliminating at the source the occurrence of film surface defects, gels and infusions, of angel hair and several unwanted and costly machine downtimes due to feeding failure, limiting production defects and, even more, waste and out-of-tolerance products.
  • TETRYX: is the automatic material sorting control unit allowing up to 24 pick-up points (silo, day-bin) to be connected in a single station up to 24 hopper loaders, totally automating the conveying of materials from storage to utilities. The number of inputs and outputs, determined by the plant configuration, can be extended with total freedom by arranging multiple stations in series.
  • TYPHOON3: the evolutionary step of the automatic ring designed to ensure maximum cooling capacity, productivity, bubble stability and accurate thickness profile control. Its performance is such as to justify the ambitious expression cubed, that is to say, “elevated to the cube”!
  • SKYMEX: is a capacitive thickness gauging system for bubble lines, ensuring a continuous thickness measurement around the bubble and it is installed on a patented handling device.


TWO SOLUTIONS TO OPEN PROBLEMS: continuous innovation to improve bubble extrusion lines and their work.


  • ZYROBLOCK: an additional calibration basket with devices approaching the bubble without touching it, by imitating its curvature and blowing a powerful flow of cooling air to counteract the blocking phenomenon whenever environmental conditions of the production site or the limited height of the frame require a heavy limitation on the hourly output of the plant.
  • ZYROWAX: this is a device placed between the bubble extrusion die head and the cooling ring. Filter hoods around the circumference of the die head draw in monomers and waxes released into the environment and onto machine surfaces from the extruded and hot film. The quality of the air and the working environment improves and, at the same time, the intervals between one downtime and the next one, which are necessary for cleaning the parts, extend. ZYROWAX increases the cleanliness and the quality of the working environment and machine and the production efficiency of the plant.





SYNCRO GROUP is a leading supplier of automation for extrusion, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling lines, laboratory and pilot lines through the expertise of the companies SYNCRO, PLASMACPLANTECH-CSTACELABSEUR.EX.MA. and SB DRY.

SYNCRO GROUP  has 9 production plants as well as subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.